Bosch to bring the LIDAR radar into cars image

The radar known as “lidar” is laser-based, a piece of technology usually reserved for the creation of high-resolution maps. Now, the German auto parts supplier Bosch aims to put it inside cars by 2020.

Usually thought to be an acronym for “LIght Detection And Ranging”, the term was actually created from joining the words “light” and “radar”. Robert Bosch GMBH aims to incorporate the technology into future cars as a way to address the upcoming demand for high-tech sensors in next-generation vehicles.

While usual driving assistance systems today rely on traditional radar or cameras, automakers, auto parts suppliers and technology companies see the “lidar” as one of the technologies that will help speed the advent of autonomous vehicles.

“We are convinced we need [it] in the future,” says Jan Becker, a senior manager in the autonomous technology group at Bosch.

Becker was present during the Automated Vehicles Symposium, held in San Francisco, US, last month, where he talked about their “lidar” solution, one that should become commercially available by 2020. The technology – which makes use of beams of light to get better, 3D, higher resolution images of the surroundings – is needed to ensure self-driving cars become aware of what’s around them.

Via Automotive News Europe