Jul.17 (GMM/Inautonews.com) Valtteri Bottas has reached a deal with Ferrari to replace Finnish countryman Kimi Raikkonen from 2016.

That is the claim of Italy’s Corriere dello Sport on Friday, adding that the Maranello team will therefore not exercise the 2016 ‘option’ on Raikkonen’s existing contract.

That option does not expire until 31 July, and so there will be no official confirmation of the Bottas deal “at least until that date”, the newspaper said.

The report revealed that Ferrari reached an agreement with Bottas’ current team Williams, who had a firm option on the 25-year-old’s services for next year.

Corriere dello Sport said the deal, brokered by Bottas’ experienced manager Didier Coton, amounts to some EUR 12 million.

Corriere dello Sport correspondent Fulvio Solms backs the decision to oust Raikkonen.

“Kimi did not fit with the last two Ferrari cars,” he told Speed Week. “He did not fit with the new team management. Sometimes he seems not to fit even with himself.”

  • kenneth pitts

    I am sorry for kimi I hope the future looks brighter than ferrari for him he will be missed a lewis hamilton supporter ken

  • Clive

    Send Kimi to Williams, worked out OK for another ex Ferrari man, Massa; just saying.

    • http://www.argeniarailwaytech.com Michael Assad

      That would be amazing!

  • Guy Graham

    Ferrari seem more willing to take a chance, as opposed to sticking with a known – if unpredictable – quantity!?!

    I see Bottas’s talent, but since Massa has continued to match/beat him – I would think Ferrari will do better to keep Kimi for another year, as he’s such great box office with the Tifosi and most general F1 fans.

    Bottas would otherwise have spent another year at Williams developing, and most likely comprehensively beating, his elderly Brazilian teammate – over the course of the next season (sound familiar @ Williams, elderly Brazilian past his peak?)

    Also it would probably have cost Ferrari less money, in terms of buying out Bottas’s contract 1 year later. Whilst keeping Ferrari fans happy with Kimi – now assured of a seat and starring-role career-finale next season, plus the latter hopefully perversely coaxing Kimi into performing better in the latter half of this season! If you were him, what motivation would you have for the rest of this season?

    • Stagin’

      Agreed Guy. Bottas hasn’t shown Massa off, so why spend the money. If you are just looking to take a punt “just because…”, then Riccardo saw off Vettel, so why not him? or why not a youngun` like Verstappen or Sainz or….add some young unproven hot-shoe’s name here.

    • http://www.argeniarailwaytech.com Michael Assad

      Ferrari want a Massa-type to pair with Vettel. Steady pair of hands with a good attitude who won’t unsettle their #1. Tried and tested way to win championships.

  • Andrew Terry

    Merely a rumour at this point…

  • Effilya De

    Bottas will keep Seb on his toes and be a great number two driver

  • sarnath

    Kimi s time is up….he had a great car in 2005, showed his talent. but he is finished, poor driving, and poor attitude .

  • Robert Schwartz

    His problem is his arrogance and pricky attitude is what ruined his career !!!!!