Bowler will launch a road-going SUV image

The Bowler rally specialist has announced the plans to manufacture a road-going version of the Range Rover Sport-based car.

Under its new boss, Steve Haywood, who was appointed managing director of Derbyshire-based Bowler, after he was the chief engineer who led the team that developed the latest Range Rover, the Bowler company will develop the fourth generation model.

According to the manufacturer, Steve Haywood’s new job is, besides the fourth generation of the Bowler, a road-going version.

“We have a tremendous opportunity. Bowler has generated huge interest in past years for a street-legal version of the competition cars. But we will begin work on any new model quite slowly, taking care with its positioning and specifications, keeping all the recognition devices to maintain the pedigree, and listening carefully to the customer’s requirements”, said Haywood.

The street-legal version of the mighty rally SUV Bowler is expected to cost around 150.000 pounds.