BP America Donates $1M for Victims of Hurricane Isaac image

BP America will donate $1 million to help people in Louisiana and Mississippi who were the most affected areas by Hurricane Isaac.

The money will get to the American Red Cross and The Salvation Army, who will help the two states. Hurricane Isaac forced BP to evacuate all workers from the offshore platforms and drilling rigs located in the Gulf of Mexico and from south Louisiana and Mississippi, where hundreds of them live.

“This assistance cannot fix all that has been broken by this natural disaster, but we hope it can help some of those in need today and contribute to a sustained recovery effort in the months ahead,” said Crystal E. Ashby, Executive Vice President of Government and Public Affairs for BP America.

After the storm passed the oil and gas companies form the Gulf began to asses the damages and call back the evacuated workers. It seems that Isaac didn’t cause too much damage: Valero Energy said that two of its Louisiana refineries that were shut suffered no major damages, Valero’s Memphis, Tenn. refinery is running at reduced rates, Oil producer Anadarko Petroleum announced its deep-water oil and gas facilities are intact, Royal Dutch Shell has recalled the workers and BP PLC still has some inspections to do.