The boxy Mercedes-Benz G-Class has always been one of tuner’s favorite toys, but Brabus has gone one step further every time.

Mercedes-Benz G63 is already a mean machine with its imposing and menacing look, backed up by the 5.5-liter V8 571 horsepower engine. And as Brabus is a focused-only Mercedes tuner, it was always involved in some crazy transformations. The last time it played with the G63 off-roader, the outcome was the shocking 850 hp 6.0 TDI BiTurbo Widestar monster, which the world could admire at the Frankfurt Auto Show back in September. The time has now come for Brabus to modify again the boxy G-Class, with a more “conservative” approach, but as crazy as ever.

And the craziness comes especially from the Solar Beam +15K euros paint job that Mercedes gave to the model a year back. The tuning company now fitted a vented hood partially dressed with carbon fiber, a “classic” wider front bumper, big 23-inch forged wheels and a roof-mounted rear spoiler, among other typical alterations. The interior matches the outside exotic colour with yellow accents, leather finishes and a new pedal set.

The engine treatment is of course the highlight of Brabus’ classical signatures. The company has stopped this time “only” at 700 horsepower, thus trimming G63’s jump from 0 to 100 km/h from the standard 5.4 seconds to 4.9 and also gaining an extra top speed that is now up to 240 km/h.


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