Well, the competition in the luxury segment is usually heated, but we’re unsure if Mercedes will appreciate the fact that one of its new 2014 S Class models was totaled by an engine fire.

The Mercedes-Benz, which according to the Police Headquarters of Upper South Bavaria was only two weeks old, belonged to a retired German couple – which unfortunately didn’t enjoy too much on their new flagship car.

While information is rather scarce, the bits of info point to a S350 Bluetec, which was driven by the North Rhine-Westphalia couple on the Ulrich Stöckl road. They noticed something was wrong with the car and pulled over and subsequently the car suffered irrecoverable damage due to an engine fire located in the engine area.

While a lot of smoke got inside the cabin and the front wheels also took heavy damage, the couple wasn’t injured and by the time the 18 men, three engine firefighting crew got on scene the fire was mostly put out by bystanders and employees of a nearby company that assisted the owners.

Via merkur-online.de


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