Branson says Formula E needs half a decade to become more popular than F1 image

Well known British entrepreneur Richard Branson, who is implicated in the world of Formula E electric motor racing, has forecasted the green series would be able to surge past the popularity of Formula One in just five years.

The UK billionaire made his bold prediction during the last round of the new series, which just got through its first complete season and he also marked the occasion by announcing the upscale Citroen DS brand would tie-up with his team – Virgin Racing Formula E. He also marked the spot by saying that in two decades all new autos would be powered by electric motors and batteries. “I think there’s still going to be room for Formula One for another few more years,” commented Branson for the media just before the London ePrix in Battersea Park, south of the River Thames. “But there will come a time when Formula E will overtake Formula One. I think four or five years from now.”

Branson is a connoisseur of both racing series, the 64-year-old had landed his support to the Queen Motor racing series in 2009 with Brawn GP and then in 2010 with his own Virgin Racing team that has now transformed into Manor Marussia. His forecast might be shun by the world of Formula One, as the series has a worldwide television audience of hundreds of millions and its top drivers are among the wealthiest sporting superstars on the planet.

Via Reuters