Brazil: Military Police gets 670 Renault Dusters image

The Brazilian Military Police has recently received the keys to 670 units of the Renault Duster which will be used as a patrol car.

The Renault Duster, or the Dacia Duster as it is known in most markets, is becoming even more popular, despite the fact that it has been on the market for several years. After we have seen a lot of modifications made to its exterior design and cabin, and after meeting the special version aimed towards this year’s Dakar Rally, time has come to meet one more version of the popular low-cost SUV.

This news is about the Brazilian Military Police which as recently received a total of 670 units of the Renault Duster, along with 150 units of the Renault Fluence. The low-cost SUV will be used as a patrol car and other policing activities and it’s coming with the livery of the local Paran city police, along with sirens, antennas, special lighting system, a beacon and everything else needed by police car. Standard items found on the model include the AC, he airbags, front power windows, power steering, driver’s seat adjustment and more.