Nissan Motor Company Ltd on Thursday said its sales in Brazil rose 88 percent in 2011 to 67,284 vehicles. The company plans to achieve 5 percent market share by fiscal year 2014.

December sales were highlighted with sales of 11,700 units, an increase of 48 percent compared to November.
Nissan Brazil surpassed its most recent market share record (2.6 percent in November), achieving a 3.6 percent index.

In December, Nissan was the fastest growing automotive brand in the Brazilian market, increasing 0.9 percent.

Nissan was also the fastest growing brand in Brazil in 2011, growing 2.1 percentage points.
Back in November the Japanese automaker said it plans to spend $1.5 billion to build a plant in Resende. In Brazil, there are about 250 cars for every 1,000 inhabitants—less than half the figure in Europe and less than a third of that in the U.S.

“Brazil is going to have a lot of [offerings], a lot more car manufacturers are going to come and the big guys who have been here for such a long time, they are going to fight,” said Mr Ghosn in an interview.

Ghosn said the new plant, the first dedicated Nissan factory in Brazil, will create 2,000 direct jobs and will produce Nissan’s “V platform” of cars, including the compact March model.


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