Breaking: 10 people dead after FedEx truck crashes into school bus – Video image

As many as 10 people died on Thursday when a tractor-trailer from FedEx slammed into a bus carrying Los Angeles area high school students.

The accident took place at around 5:30 PM on Thursday, California Highway Patrol (CHP) spokeswoman Tracy Hoover said. According to Hoover, the bus collided with the FedEx tractor-trailer and a Nissan on Interstate 5 near Orland – about 100 miles north of Sacramento. A section of the Interstate 5 highway was closed shortly after the impact. The local police say the driver of the FedEx truck lost control, crossed the divider and then smashed head-on the bus.

The bus was caring about 45 students when the crash occurred. Six students, three chaperones and the FedEx truck driver were killed during the impact; and more than 30 others were injured.

The bus exploded shortly after – but many of the students were able to escape through a window according to AP. All the students were part of a program that according to the university - “brings low-income and first-generation prospective college students from the Los Angeles and San Francisco areas to HSU’s campus”.

“These are students who were on an amazing opportunity to see what this amazing state has to offer in terms of higher education.”

“I just heard this loud boom,” he said. “We knew we were in major trouble,” one of the students said after the crash.