Breaking News: New York governor Cuomo says limited NYC subway service will begin on Thursday image

New York City subway service will resume on Thursday in some areas only three days after Hurricane Sandy flooded many tunnels and brought the trains to a halt.

Despite the fact that many of the network’s deepest tunnels were flooded by Hurricane Sandy on Monday, the governor of the state of New York, Andrew Cuomo, announced that limited service will be resumed on Thursday.

Restoring the entire network could take a long time as critical electrical equipment could be ruined and track beds could be covered with debris. Also, corrosive salt water could have destroyed essential switches, lights, turnstiles and the power-conducting third rail. Several of the tunnels beneath New York City’s  East River remained flooded Tuesday, with the head of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority saying it was too early to tell how long it would take to evacuate the water and make necessary repairs.

Authorities say there has never been anything like the damage inflicted by Hurricane Sandy. For instance, the South Ferry subway station, at Manhattan’s southern tip, had water up to its ceiling. High water made it difficult for inspectors to assess how badly the equipment was damaged by the water. Chances are that the country’s largest city could be deprived of its underground transport system for more time than experts expected. No less than 5 million people travel to work and home every day with the NYC subway.

NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg estimated it could take four days for train service to resume.