Breaking: Obama’s Cadillac One gets stuck exiting U.S. Embassy in Ireland image

President Barack Obama’s limo got stuck exiting the U.S. Embassy in Ireland on his way to a speech in Dublin. Secret Service agents hid the car from public view while they freed the car’s tires.

Local European cameras on the street outside the US Embassy caught the strange scene as puzzled US Secret Service agents emerged from the vehicle to find that the steep slope of the driveway had caught the heavy armored vehicle between its wheels, making it impossible for the car to move forward or back.

According to BBC News, “A witness said that as it drove out, the car appeared to get its low underbelly caught on a piece of metal sticking up that a gate might lock into.”

The BBC reports that the President or Mrs. Obama were in the car when it became stuck, but subsequently left through another exit shortly after.

Obama made a 24-hour visit to Ireland as part of a week-long tour of Europe.