Brembo owns now Brembo Ceramic Brake Systems (BCBS) image

Brembo Ceramic Brake Systems was set up in 2004 as fifty-fifty Joint Venture by Brembo and Daimler Chrysler (today Daimler AG). Today, Brembo SpA announced that it bought the rest of 50% from Dailmler AG for $11 million.
BCBS is a leading company in manufacturing of composite ceramic braking systems for automotive and in research and development for innovative materials. The company designs and produces carbon-ceramic brake discs for Aston Martin, Ferrari,Mercedes, McLaren and the Chevrolet Corvette ZR1.

The carbon/carbon material is being used since 1970’s for braking systems for aerospace vehicles and since 1980’s for the racing world. Since 2000’s, the Carbon Ceramic Material (CCM) is being used in the production of braking systems for sport cars.
BCBS already had planned to invest more than $13 million to double its production capacity early next year. The higher volumes could help drive costs down to allow the exotic brakes to be used on more vehicles.