Sep.10 (GMM/ Flavio Briatore is now almost certain that Monza’s future on the F1 calendar is secure.

Meetings between race officials, Bernie Ecclestone and even the Italian prime minister Matteo Renzi broke last weekend without a contract beyond 2016 being signed.

Still, former Renault chief and long-time Ecclestone confidante and business partner Briatore is confident.

The flamboyant Italian also attended the Monza race, and he said: “From what I know, the grand prix will be at Monza for many years.

“A solution will be found as there is goodwill on the part of (Italian automobile club) ACI and Bernie Ecclestone.

“If I had to bet,” Briatore added at a Kenyan business forum in Milan, “I’d say it is 99.9 per cent that we will still have Monza for many years.”