British Court Rejects Tesla’s ‘Top Gear’ Lawsuit image

Recently, an appeals court in Britain dismissed Tesla’s liable suit against the BBC’s Top Gear show.

In March 2011, Silicon Valley-based company Tesla Motors said it is suing the BBC’s motoring tv show Top Gear for allegedly faking a race between its electric sports car and a petrol-driven Lotus Elise.
According to the automaker, Jeremy Clarkson tested the Roadster along the show’s famous “track” and made a number of false or misleading claims about the vehicle’s capabilities.

Tesla said that Top Gear’s faked scene caused sales to drop. Back in 2008, Top Gear tested two Roadsters around a track for straight-line speed, acceleration, handling and cornering. According to Top Gear the vehicle ran out of power after 55 miles, which way under the automaker’s estimated range of 200 miles.

But, according to Martin Moore-Bick, an appeals court judge in London which rejected the appeal, Top Gear’s review didn’t misled “a reasonable viewer” into believing that the model’s range was less than Tesla’s estimate under normal driving conditions.

The company has even put up a webpage to promote its case, which states it is still receiving questions from potential buyers who bring up Top Gear’s report and are thus concerned. Tesla said that the ‘fake’ report published in New York Times caused the automaker lose $100 million in stock value.