British left hand drive Jag snatches auction record during Bond Street sale image

During a recent British auction for British audience a certain British car snatched a record sum even though it came in a left-hand-drive version and was appraised at around half the money.

Because just 264 vehicles were ever produced, the latest auction record should not have come as a major surprise though – especially considering that no one really knows how many of those are actually still alive and in running condition. The car we’re talking about is a pristine 1960 Jaguar XK150 Drophead Coupé that fetched 427, 100 pounds ($640, 500 or €590,500), while the most optimistic estimate put it at around half the sum. But the Jag had on its side the fact that it’s classic beautiful, fully stocked on original parts and also went through a thorough restoration process prior to the sale. The initial XK150 Drophead Coupé was equipped with a 3.4-liter engine, though this 1960 model year was standard fitted with a larger 3.8-liter mill churning out 220 hp and mated to an overdrive gearbox.

Built back in January 1960, the particular unit was sent over the pound to Jaguar’s main dealership in New York, where the first owner had it shipped over to sunny California. It went from there to equally sunny Nevada where the mileage clock stopped at 40,000 and the XK150 laid in mint condition until its discovery back in 2009. It was taken back to its home country for the restoration process and then went to win some concours events just to show its worth.