British Prime Minister Cameron just purchased a Nissan Micra, and it’s not even new image

When you’re the PM of a very powerful country you usually reside in big limousines, with full armor protection. Well, it turns out David Cameron is also in need of a small city car.

The usual means of transportation for Cameron – during official business – is an armored Jaguar XJ Sentinel, escorted by Land Rover Range Rover or Discovery. This is only natural and in line with other heads of state, such as the Prime Minister of Australia, for example, who is using a white armored BMW 7 Series, or the German officials who usually dwell in protected Mercedes Benz S Class models. But as it turns out, the close relatives of such important politicians might to with less expensive and not so obvious in your face cars. For example we imagine the Nissan Micra – a small Japanese city car – is actually for Cameron’s wife. Or he may want to avoid unwanted attention after the scandal with the Panama papers that implicated his family in the shady off-shore business.

Anyways, Cameron has recently visited Witney Used Car Centre in Oxfordshire with his security guard and inspected a blue Micra with 92,000 miles (148,000 kilometers) on the odometer – which had an asking price of £1,495 ($2,165). “I think he must have seen it on the internet, a British-made car, five-door hatchback, not too expensive, within 10 miles of his constituency,” said Iain Harris, owner of the dealership. The next day he was back and paid the price, leaving afterwards with the car.

Via Witney Used Car Centre on Facebook