Bucharest International Auto Show starting in April 2012 image

The 2012 edition of the Bucharest International Auto Show will debut on the 4th of April in Romania, in Constitution Square, after the 2009 and 2011 editions were cancelled.

According to the officials from SIAB (Bucharest International Auto Show), the 2012 edition of the automotive event will be held on 4,000 square meters and the media advertising has been estimated to over 1 million euros. The show’s president, Mike Costache, said, in an official press release, that with the spring coming, he is hoping that the auto market will defreeze.

“The event is addressed to both manufacturers, importers and distributors of automobiles, motorcycles and scooters, automotive components, parts, accessories, tuning and automotive service equipment, leasing and insurance companies, companies specialized in car rental. We will focus the most interesting Easter offers to customers of the auto-moto market, in a single place”, as an official press release of the event states.

In 2007, the Romanian automotive event was organized on 50,000 square meters, in Baneasa, and it had 250,000 visitors, just like in 2005, and tickets worth over 1,25 million euros were sold. Renting spaces to the event rose another 3,5 million euros and the average price for one square meter was between 50 and 90 euros. The 2012 edition of the Bucharest International Auto Show will be held between 4 and 8th of April.