Bugatti and Honda joined forces to make the Civron image

An image found on the internet is helping us do our news and it’s actually showing the unique vehicle made by Bugatti and Honda under the Civron name. We’re just kidding, Bugatti didn’t join forces with Honda and the name is made up.

As you can see from the image posted above, a Honda Civic owner loves the Bugatti Veyron and when we’re talking about cars you know that passion has no limits so our guy decided to make its hatchback look like the powerful beast developed by Volkswagen.

The Civron name is what probably the owner of the vehicle is calling his creation and we have to admin one thing: the car seems to be well made. Even if it’s too much for us, the Civic has the owner’s passion in it and you can see this by watching its lines flow on the body.

Sadly we don’t know anything about the engine or performance but the Civic might have its original engine under the hood. Kitsch or plain passion? You decide!