Bugatti Chiron production kicks off in the impeccably clean Molsheim factory image

If there’s one place where we’d like to camp in advance of this year’s Tour de France then it’s the small township of Molsheim – that’s the exact place where the Bugatti Chiron has started coming to life.

This is the cleaner than a surgery-room place where in excess of 1,800 individual parts are being put together by just 20 Bugatti employees to form the 1,500-hp Chiron. Production ahs just commenced with the first batch of 12 cars and the first of those will seemingly reach its intended owner in the months to come. For now Bugatti thinks about 70 units of the hypercar will come to life this year, and there are enough orders to keep the personnel busy for the next three years. The ultra high-performance machine has been limited to just 500 autos, at a starting price of €2.4 million a pop – and we’re sure the price will surge over time as the automaker will deliver numerous mods – just as was the case with the Veyron predecessor.

Benjamin A. Monn Photography 2017

To start with, the owner can choose between 23 topcoat colors and eight carbon versions, as well as 31 different colors for the leather inside, eight Alcantara upholstery colors, 30 different stitching options, 18 various types of carpets, and no less than 11 seatbelt colors. Unique personalization is also possible “to match a favorite handbag or the label on a customer’s preferred brand of mineral water.” The ultra-clean factory space has been existing since way back in 2005 and has the same oval shape as Bugatti’s logo, the “Macaron.”