Bugatti Chiron showoff starts with render of Grand Sport in roadster form image

You may remember the days of 2005 when the resurrected Bugatti brand presented to the world its Veyron model. And you may also want to remember the days of the Geneva Motor Show when Bugatti presented its successor – Chiron.

The point is that more than a decade apart the French automaker is again introducing the epitome of the automotive industry, a model that is destined to break its predecessor’s world record for the fastest production car in the world. And while you chagrin at the evolutionary styling and the fact that they kept the same W16 engine almost intact to save some bucks and maybe stop bleeding money on this one, we should also pay notice that this all-new Chiron is producing 1,500 horsepower without the help of any hybrid powertrain technology. And while the imagination runs rampant as we imagine the response of the rest of hypercar brands – mainly a Porsche 922 Spider with more than 1,300 horsepower, an all-electric McLaren S1 or a six-wheeled Ferrari – we should come back down to Earth.

In digital form at least as we catch a glimpse of what the roadster version – the Grand Sport – may look like. Regular digital artist X-Tomi Design has decided to chop off the roof and also adorn the Chiron with a flashy orange and black color combination. We’re expecting the real deal to also come rather fast – maybe even this fall during the Paris Motor Show in October. And yes, it will add some half a million bucks on top of that astonishing 2.4 million dollars price.

Via X-Tomi Design