Bugatti Galibier coming in 2012 image

The Bugatti manufacturer will release a new model for the luxury segment in 2012, under the Galibier name.

The rumor was confirmed by Bugatti’s president, Wolfgang Durheimer, who revealed some interesting details about the new car.

The Bugatti Galibier will be powered by a sixteen-cylinder engine which will produce somewhere between 789 and 986 horsepower.

The Galibier will be more practical than the Veyron and Wolfgang Durheimer is announcing that the new model will become the leader in the luxury segment.

According to Bugatti’s President interview with Auto Motor und Sport, the Galibier will be sold in 1.000 – 1.5000 units every year.

The Bugatti Galibier is expected to hit the showrooms in late 2012 and its price won’t be quite cheap. 1.000.000 British pounds (875.000 Euro / 1.440.000 US Dollars) is expected to cost the entry level version of the Galibier.

Considering Bugatti’s supercar, the Veyron, and Volkswagen’s experience in manufacturing cars, future customers of the Galibier will certainly be the happiest drivers in the world.