Bugatti has delayed the launch of the new Galibier for unknown reasons but one thing is for sure, the model will indeed see daylight.

According to Wolfgang Schreiber, the Bugatti President, luxurious and powerful Galibier will see some significant delays until it will finally hit the company’s dealerships.

“We are still working on the Galibier concept, but I would say it is more difficult to fulfill all requirements for Bugatti customers than Bentley customers. The Veyron and derivatives of the Veyron are very focused on the needs of the customers. If you switch to a different type of car, it is very necessary to evaluate the needs of the customer”, as Schreiber told

Bugatti hasn’t announced an official launch date of the Galibier for the moment but one thing is for sure, the model will see daylight. The production version of the Galibier is rumored to get a total output of 1,400 horsepower from its impressive 16-cylinder engine which will get four turbochargers, just like the Veyron. The final production version of the Galibier will be very similar to the concept revealed back in 2009. Additional details on the production version of the Bugatti Galibier are limited for the moment.



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