Bugatti isn’t planning Super Veyron image

Bugatti will not be offering a Super Veyron as the model was rumored to go on sale sometimes next year.

Bad news for Bugatti fans who will not see the so-called Super Veyron anytime soon because the carmaker has no plans of offering such a model. According to the Bugatti president, Wolfgang Schreiber, the Bugatti Super Veyron will not hit the production line and all the remaining units of the regular Veyron will continue to be offered with the same 1, 200 HP engine which made its debut on the Veyron Super Sport. A total of 390 units of the Bugatti Veyron have been sold so far and the carmaker is hoping to increase the number to 450 before pulling the plug on the model.

Initial rumors were saying that the Bugatti Super Veyron will be approximately 200 kg lighter than the Veyron Super Sport, to a total of 1,688 kg (3,721 lbs). The model should have been powered by a quad turbo W16 engine, which should have produced 1,500 HP (1,118 kW). Its top speed should have increased up to 450.6 km/h (280 mph) and prices for the model would have been set at 5 million GBP (7.7 million USD / 5.8 million EUR).

Source: autoblog