Bugatti reveals countdown clock to official Chiron introduction image

The French ultra-luxury hypercar manufacturer is going to seriously rock our world during this year’s edition of the Geneva Motor Show because on March 1 at 09:45 CET it will take the wraps off the Chiron model.

To promote the event and build even more hype for the model that might become as iconic as its predecessor, the Veyron, Bugatti has posted a countdown for the model across social media. You can also watch the seconds passing on the automaker’s official website where there’s an official timer countdown. Over the past months we have seen numerous spy shots and teasers for the Veyron successor and we know we’re treated here to an evolutionary design that keeps the current stylistic language but makes it more modern with lines inspired by the Vision Gran Turismo concept. While revolutionary sounded even more exciting we can rest assured the Chiron will be a model to behold and it might soon again set the benchmarks in the world of hypercars.

There are many reports that point towards the most important part – technical specifications. The rumors flying around the mill put the powertrain at 1,500 horsepower and 1,107 pound-feet (1,500 Newton meters) thanks to the same quad turbocharged 8.0-liter W16 engine from the Veyron – though the engineers have reworked it front to back and we may even see e-turbo technology. The performance should be more than spectacular: 62 mph (100 km/h) will be reached in just 2.2 seconds and the top speed might stand at a mind-blowing 290 mph (467 km/h). Availability will be limited to around 500 units and just 100 cars will be manufactured each year.