Bugatti reveals it will remain an “ultra-sharp” brand, so sedans and SUV are a no-go image

Bugatti’s chief executive officer, Wolfgang Dürheimer, the head of both the French brand and luxurious Bentley, has offered some interesting details about the future of Bugatti.

The production run of 450 Bugatti Veyron supersport cars has just ended, with the full run manufactured and sold throughout the world to its affluent customers. And talking to Car & Driver at last week’s Quail event, the executive also shed some light on the upcoming successor – so far called by international media the Chiron. Without actually shedding any light on the model the official did mandate the upcoming model will have to better the Veyron across certain values – such as drivability and usability on the track, brakes and of course, the top speed. That means the upcoming model will have to better the 258 mph (415 km/h) top speed of the limited series Super Sport World Record Edition (limited, the model was actually capable of reaching 267 mph – 431 km/h). When asked about the possibility of doing a Bugatti SUV, as the Bentley and Lamborghini brands are now doing, he said “Bugatti is a very special company. Bugatti is ultra-sharp. The supersports cars, they are all two-seaters. There is no SUV and there is no four-door sedan.”

This means the clients that would shed the cash in Russia or Saudi Arabia or elsewhere around the world will not receive a Bugatti SUV, though we’re mostly willing to let that oen go if the company at least had the desire to bring to life the gorgeous four-door, eight-piped 2009 16 C Galibier concept.