Bugatti sells first three series of the “Les Légendes de Bugatti” image

We all know Bugatti – it’s the insanely fast car for the insanely rich that actually costs VW an insanely amount of money to produce. And, as insanity goes on, the Legends editions, which feature as six part series has sold out the first three series.

With production limited to just three cars per series, selling nine cars is not usually a fact to bolster, but when it comes to this brand – well, they do have a proud moment.

“The Legends edition is a great success for Bugatti. The response from our customers is amazing. These are automotive works of art, which each tell a part of Bugatti’s history,” says Dr Wolfgang Schreiber, President of Bugatti. “After a very successful year in 2013, more than 90 % of the 450 planned Veyrons have been sold. We are confident that we will be just as successful this year. Our existing and potential customers know that the opportunity to purchase one of these exceptional super sports cars is running out.”

Each of the limited edition models cost even more than an “usual” Bugatti, with the net price of the first three series at around the 2.2 million euros mark. Last year, when the series was launched, Bugatti kicked off with the Jean-Pierre Wimille edition, named after the driver who had a two-time Le Mans winn for Bugatti, in Pebble Beach, California.