Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Middle East Editions unveiled at Dubai Motor Show image

Even if the Bugatti Veyron is pretty close to getting a replacement within the next years, the Grand Sport version remains quite an interesting choice and in what probably looks like a marketing effort into attracting new customers to the expensive hypercar, the German based automaker has presented three special editions at the Dubai International Motor Show.

The Middle East automotive event must be to sheiks like Christmas morning to children and the three special editions of the Bugatti Veyron are most likely to already have a new owner, even if their prices get past the 2m USD mark.


According to Bugatti, the first model has been priced at 1.58 million EUR (2.15m USD) and the hypercar comes with a yellow exterior with black carbon fiber and black tinted wheels, and the color scheme is continued in the cabin two, where the yellow seats merge with the black carbon fiber trim and contrast stitching.


The second model shown at the 2011 Dubai Motor Show costs 1.74m EUR (2.37m USD) and has a blue carbon fiber exterior with anodized aluminum accents, while for the interior designers have chosen tangerine leather seats, Indigo leather dashboard and blue carbon fiber trim.


Last but not least, the third model costs the same as the second one, 1.74m EUR (2.37m USD) and the vehicle has green carbon fiber accents with a polished aluminum exterior, while the cabin has been fitted with grey leather seats and green carbon fiber trim.