Bugatti Veyron Speedster planned image

Bugatti is planning on developing a new version of the record-breaking Veyron, the so-called Speedster, which should be previewed next year and go on sale in 2016.

The Bugatti Veyron will receive a successor, this is for sure, but is seems that the company is playing the Pagani card, announcing one more and yet again one more final version of the hypercar, just like the Italian company did with the Zonda. But the fact is that the announcement hasn’t been made official and it is part of a report, published by the guys from Automobile Magazine.

According to our source, the Bugatti Veyron will receive a final version, the Veyron Speedster, which should be enough to satisfy wealthy customers until the official replacement of the model will be introduced. Details on this version of the hypercar are limited at this time but rumor has it that this will receive a bespoke body, just like Lamborghini did to models such as the Sesto Elemento, the Reventon or the Veneno. We are not sure if Bugatti will offer any performance modifications for the upcoming ride or what its price should be, but considering the fact that it is called the Speedster, expect more than the 2.35m EUR of the Les Legends des Bugatti.