Bugatti’s Chiron takes the render road and morphs into marvelous racecar image

While supercars and high-performance vehicles are traditionally touched quickly by the world of the aftermarket producers, hypercars usually get a break as the tuners wait for the model’s production run to end.

But today we’re living in a very fast and especially digital world. So, while in reality the tradition has remained intact – meaning no aftermarket piece has been slapped onto Molsheim’s latest creation – in digital form the model has already been transformed into a Spider version and now we’re also seeing the racecar mod. This spectacular pixel rearrangement is also calling back the old days when Bugattis were roaming the motorsport scene. The digital artist has decided to go with an open engine compartment that treats everyone to the monstrous internal combustion arrangement that represents the heart and soul of this wonder machine. The rear treatment is also in line with one of the wildest depictions of this part of the car – seen on the McLaren P1 GTR. Speaking of which, while both Ferrari and McLaren have revealed circuit-exclusive variants of their hypercars we’re almost sure this won’t be happening to the Chiron in reality as well.

That’s saddening us since the French marquee has a iconic motorsport history, though it’s definitely in the distant past – since most of its efforts revolved around the period before World War Two. And Louis Chiron – the man who has now shared his name to the latest creation – was the driver that actually wrote many of the motorsport tales for the Bugatti brand.

Via Yashid Design