The ultra-luxury automaker’s dealership network has just 34 venues right now, interspersed between 17 countries across the world – so you know you’re an important city when you get a Bugatti showroom.

The latest addition to the network is located in Hamburg, it’s the fourth in Germany and the 12th in Europe, the dealership near the city’s airport being graced with a pristine silver Chiron unit. The importance attributed to Germany is logical – it’s Europe’s largest market and also Bugatti’s most important country in the region, with top sales, followed by the United Kingdom and Switzerland. With 45 orders coming from there, Germany accounts for no less than 40 percent of total European deliveries.

Bugatti’s latest showroom is in Hamburg, features a silver Chiron 5

The newly established location from the northern part of the country has a surface of almost 100 square meters (1,076 square feet) and also encompasses a heritage section with three wall-mounted steles: art, forme, and technique. Bugatti fans will surely note the middle example is the beautiful Type 57SC Atlantic, seen here on a 1:8 scale. As far as the Chiron is concerned, there are already 300 orders out of the total of 500 units planned, which is a 50 example-boost compared to the Veyron. The Chiron recently took home the world record for the 0-249-0 mph category – in preparation for the top speed attempt allegedly taking place in 2018.


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