Buick Avista Convertible render looks spot on – too bad it’s not going to the factory image

The Buick Avista concept was not only one of the stars of the North American International Auto Show but also a recipient of a design award recognizing its qualities – meaning the so-called “automotive manipulators” took quick notice of it.

One of the more prolific names out there on the automotive design and render scene – Theophilus Chin – has decided to make the Avista even hotter – or at least well prepared to tackle hotter conditions, delivering the imaginative Avista convertible. Losing the top and a couple of doors shows us indeed “less is more” and we have a gorgeous depiction of the model that will likely never reach the production line of any General Motors plant. The stylish luxury convertible looks ready to wipe the floor with the regular Cascada convertible – though unfortunately we all know from the latest executive declarations the production series Avista is an unlikely occurrence. That’s even as Buick GMC chief Duncan Aldred sayd the “capabilities are there to build it.” Yep, having a roster of Cadillac sedans up there not selling very well certainly doesn’t help Buick’s case.

The “regular” Avista concept is Buick’s interpretation of the modern grand tourer, complete with carbon fiber front spoiler, LED headlights, massive mesh inserts grille, front fender vents, dual exhaust and 20-inch aluminum wheels. The prototype is motivated by a biturbo 3.0-liter V6 engine with a start/stop system and cylinder deactivation technology and delivering a full 400 horsepower. If this setup rings any bells it’s because Lincoln – a good rival of Buick – has its own exclusive biturbo 3.0-liter V6 churning out 400 hp in the production ready Continental flagship sedan.

Via Theophilus Chin

Buick Avista Convertible render looks spot on – too bad it’s not going to the factory 0