Buick Plug-In Hybrid will use Volt tech image

According to Bloomberg, General Motors is working on a Buick brand car using the Chevrolet Volt’s plug-in hybrid technology. However, this new Plug-In Buick has not received yet the final approve, as GM still isn’t sure it can get buyers to justify in inevitable premium over the $41,000 pre-incentive Volt.

“The Volt is already well-equipped,” Hall said in an interview. “It’s missing power seats and that’s about it. What else can you add to make it a premium car?”

The plan could work, and GM will sell the new Plug-In Hybrid if the company equips the Buick version with expensive advanced materials that reduce weight and improve the car’s electric-only range or driving performance, Hall said – principal of 2953 Analytics Inc., a consulting firm in Birmingham, Michigan.

GM chose its Global Delta II compact vehicle architecture for its first Voltec application, the Chevrolet Volt. Production began in November 2010 with the first Chevrolet Volts delivered to retails customers in December 2010.

In January, GM announced that it had sold 321 Chevy Volts. This is in addition to the 326 Volts sold in December. However, sales of Chevrolet’s Volt were down 40 units in February compared to January sales, according to the company’s monthly sales report.