Buick teases the China-bound Velite 5 EREV image

In case acronyms are not your thing, EREV stands for extended range electric vehicle, and this is the first-time Buick uses the label on one of its production series models.

The upcoming Velite 5 is a China-bound model that might look quite familiar – as the teaser clearly shows its connections to the Chevrolet Volt. We’re looking at part of the new model’s rear end, and the first ever extended range electric vehicle (EREV) from Buick is clearly related to the new generation Volt. By the way, Buick also previewed this production series green model with a namesake concept last year – though that one had a significantly more interesting design. But we’re really not surprised General Motors has allowed Buick to deliver a “copy” of the Chevrolet Volt, as the latter hasn’t been offered in China.

Interesting enough, Buick claims for the Velite 5 an electric range estimated at 62 miles (100 kilometers) – which is more than what the U.S.-spec Volt is capable of, rated by EPA at 53 miles (85 km). The Buick Velite 5 is also coming with an overall range of more than 466 miles (750 km), which is a rather substantial increase compared to Volt’s 420 miles (676 km). but the answer probably lies in the testing method of the Chinese authorities, and the two cars might actually have similar performance in the real world.