The spectacular Buick Avista concept, which has received the 2016 Detroit Auto Show EyesOn Design Award for Design Excellence in the prototype section, has now been morphed in the digital world as a stunning Opel Calibra.

This unofficial render has the Buick Avista transformed in a possible – but ultimately not very probable – Calibra sports coupe, as the American brand has after all taken many of the German automaker’s designs and used them as its own. We have here the Avista Concept with Opel logos, a modified front grille, new headlights, and front bumper, as well as different five twin-spoke alloy wheels. The rumor mill has been mulling for a Calibra successor for years but we imagine the German company that is still trying its best to come out of the black during the fiscal exercises will not setup such motions – they have already delivered teases with their new GT Concept – which should be made official during the Geneva Motor Show in March.

By the way, back in 2007 before the world crisis Opel did treat us to the GTC Concept – seen as a possible preview to a Calibra revival, but the plans appear to have been shelved afterwards. By the way, if you didn’t know, the Opel Calibra was a Vectra (predecessor of the Insignia midsize sedan) based two-door sports coupe manufactured between 1989 and 1997. It was famous for its drag coefficient of 0.26 and also lived out its life as the Chevrolet Calibra in South America and Holden Calibra in Australia.

Via X-Tomi Design


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