Buick’s Envision turned into Opel’s Antara image

The rendering revolution seems to be all the rage these years, so many of the new auto models get the treatment – with various degrees of success. Today we have the China only Buick Envision digitally reimagined as the next generation Opel Antara.

Usually, Buick models sold across global markets – China and the US included – have taken the European Opel models and then reinterpreted them with slightly modified design and local adaptations. This time around, as the rendering suggests, the situation could be reversed. The Buick Envision, recently revealed during China’s Chengdu auto show, has no current counterpart in the Opel line-up. Instead, the European unit of the US automaker General Motors has the Antara SUV – a slow seller that’s been around virtually unmodified since 2006 (we only had a mild facelift in 2010).

The rendering’s main ideas – turning the mid-sized Envision into the new Antara – has some weight, with the Buick model clearly displaying many design cues that could be successfully implemented into a future Opel Antara. What shouldn’t be carried over is the interior – Buick’s offering is targeted at affluent Chinese customers, while Opel usually delivers models at a more affordable price point. No word on the powertrains yet, but the Chinese Envision is powered by 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that boasts no less than 256 bhp (191 kW) and 353 Nm (260 lb-ft).

Via theophiluschin.com and designrm.wordpress.com