AM General is planning to launch a build-your-own kit for the Humvee because the automaker of the military vehicle will phase out the old Humvee.

The creators of the Humvee, AM General, have been producing the military vehicle ever since 1984 and people have been wanting one of those since they can remember. But now Americans are one step closer to owning a real Humvee because AM General is looking for new ways to make a profit since the United States army will phase out the old Humvee. AM General will launch a build-your-own C-Series kit version of the Humvee which will cost around 60, 000 USD.

For 75,000 USD, future owners of the AM General kit of the Humvee will get a Duramax Diesel V8 engine and an Allison transmission and this is the reason why the kit is so affordable, because it doesn’t get all the features found on its military counterpart. AM General will allow cloth top, cloth doors, central tire inflation, two-piece beadlock wheels and a few more goodies, while comfort features like AC or a sound system won’t become available. The C-Series Humvee will get some optionals too, like a heated windshield, rocker panel protection and drive line protection, two fuel tanks and some color options.


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