Bulgari makes use of the Fiat 500 for its jewelry image

Jewelry company Bulgari has decided to join the festivities for the Fiat 500 60th anniversary and will use the legendary model to serve as travel companions for their precious creations.

No less than 1,600 examples of the iconic Italian models will adorn the windows of the firm’s 300 boutiques around the globe as part of the “Roman Holiday” creative campaign – and no, they haven’t decided to upsize the windows, instead using tiny models of the Fiat 500. Equally small Vespa motor scooters will also be part of the displays. The white and gold models are a tribute to the 1965-1972 Fiat 500F – the most popular choice among any 500 version in history.

The Fiat 500 celebrated its 60th birthday on July 4 this year, and numerous celebrations have had a connection. The New York Museum of Modern Art for example bought a 1968 500F Berlina for the organization’s permanent collection – and it will sit next to a 1961 Jaguar E-Type and 1965 Porsche 911. At home, Fiat revealed a limited-edition stamp depicting the original and new 500. The company of course offers to fans the Anniversario edition of the modern 500, fitted with numerous retro elements such as pastel body colors and vintage-style wheels.