Button is the World Champion image

Jenson Button became the second British World Champion in succession in Sao Paulo, his fifth place gave him a total of 89 points and with Sebastian Vettel picking up only five points for fourth place and Rubens Barrichello one point for eighth, after a late race puncture, their totals ended up being 74 and 72, with only 10 available for victory in Abu Dhabi.

“This team would not exist if Ross was not here,” said Button. “The car has his name on the side of the car, and that is a lot pressure on a person. So for him to win today both the constructors and the drivers championship is exceptional.

“The guy deserves a medal. He has won many world championships and he has also seen tough seasons. He has been in every situation, he knows that normally winning the world championship is not easy and you have many dark days. He has been helpful. I don’t think anyone could have done it without him.”

Button, who has won six races so far this year, paid tribute to the rest of the Brawn team, which didn’t even exist until a month before the season-opener in Australia.

He believes that winning both world titles after the uncertainties over the sale of the Honda team during the winter, has made this year’s season the best in F1 history.

“This team has done staggeringly well, what this team achieved this season after the winter we had is exceptional. I don’t really think there has been a season like it in Formula 1,” he added.

Photo: EPA