Buying a Used VW Golf image

When looking for a used car for you or your family, the Volkswagen Golf is an excellent choice to consider.

It’s been produced since 1974 therefore when buying a second hand VW Golf you are getting a car that has had many of its flaws worked out over time.

This popular hatchback is available in either three door or five door models with a variety of engine choices.
Engines can be diesel or petrol powered.

The most common engines found in the Golf are the 1.9 Tdi diesel and the 2.0 litre GTI which are sportier motors. They do also come in models that are more fuel efficient. The 1.9 litre diesel engine can maintain a maximum speed of 116 MPH.

The VW Golf GTI boasts a quick acceleration rate. It can get to 62 mph is just 7.9 seconds. The Golf provides good fuel economy. Some models can get up to 53 miles per gallon such as in the case of the 1.9 liter diesel.

The interior of the Golf is well-designed and attractive. It also keeps its condition nicely over time. The seating within the Golf is quite comfortable and sporty looking as well. Four adults can comfortably be seated in the VW Golf. The boot of the vehicles provides 350 litres of storage space which is great for families.

The dashboard of the VW Golf has a built-in computer. On either side is a speedometer as well as a tachometer. Safety is also another feature of the Golf. It comes equipped with driver, passenger, front and side airbags all for the safety of the car’s occupants.

The VW Golf is built to last and can last incredibly longer if well maintained. This helps to make it a terrific choice for a used vehicle, so why not consider one for your next used car purchase?