By 2014 Lexus will offer nine hybrid lines image

During a conference at the Center for Automotive’s Research annual Management Briefing Seminars, Paul Williamsen from Lexus International revealed Lexus is planning for a 9 hybrid line-up by 2014.

This comes somewhat as a surprise, due to the fact that rather recently, Lexus said only eight models were actually planned. We should note that Mr. Williamsen is a trustworthy source, as he provided us with definitive information (not to mention a very handy rendering) on the Aisin AZ6-derived TL70 manual transmission that graces the Subaru BRZ and its Toyota-badged stablemates back in April 2012.

“Lexus…now is planning to offer nine hybrid nameplates worldwide in 2014, rather than the eight models it said were planned during last year’s New York auto show,” said Paul Williamsen during the conference.

Currently, Lexus only has six of the noted nine hybrid nameplates (a dedicated CT200h, and hybrid versions for ES, IS, GS and LS sedans and RX cross utility vehicle). So, we have some worthy news to expect from Lexus, which should produce in the not so distant future another three hybrid lines – for now we only bet to have production versions of the LF-CC concept (with RC moniker in production form) and of the NX300h – the RAV4-derived sub-RX Lexus crossover rumored to appear at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show.