BYD given permision to sell electric buses in the EU image

Chinese carmaker BYD announced on Monday it had gained official permission to sell its electric buses in all European Union member states.

The „Whole Vehicle Type Approval” granted by EU marks BYD’s latest effort to meet overseas demand of green vehicles. The EU’s announcement came weeks after BYD said it would build electric buses in Bulgaria with a local partner.

Backed by U.S. billionaire investor Warren Buffett, BYD has been promoting its electric vehicles in Canada, Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands, the United States and Uruguay. BYD’s plant in Bulgaria is capable of making 40-60 vehicles each month and is expected to deliver its first sample electric bus in February, according to China’s official news agency Xinhua.

BYD manufactures in China the K9 electric bus, which is powered by its self-developed Iron-phosphate battery. This battery allows the bus to have a drive range of 250 kilometers in city traffic on a single charge. Normal charge takes 6 hours for full charge or 3 hours in fast charge mode.

More than 200 BYD electric buses which are used for public transit service in Shenzhen, China, have accumulated over 9,216,000 km (or 5,529,600 miles) by the end of August, 2012.