BYD Plans to Manufacture Electric Buses for Windsor, Canada image

The Chinese automaker BID has signed an agreement to manufacture electric buses in Windsor, Canada.

“We continue to be in a position to capitalize on these types of investments. The presence of these green energy companies have led us to other industries. BYD is a good example of that, ” said Windsor Mayor Eddie Francis.

According to the deal between the Windsor government and BYD, the Chinese automaker will manufacture 500 buses per year in the city. The first purchase will be 12 BYD K9 electric buses, to be followed by other orders. BYD sais its buses can reach 186 miles on a single charge, a recharge taking up to 30 minutes.

Besides manufacturing buses, BYD will also work with Enwin, a local public service group, to recycle bus batteries. After the buses are out of service (in 12-15 years) the batteries will be recycled in a local energy storage location.

Windsor, Ontario will be the first municipality in North America to have a fleet of all-electric buses produced by Chinese automaker BYD. At the end of 2011 BYD opened its North American headquarters in Los Angeles and in June 2011 it signed agreements with both Singapore and Frankfurt, Germany.

  • anthony

    Well im a welder, if you need a good welder that has experience welding buses, im in manitoba, but i spent 27 years in windsor, have famialy in windsor, if you get a good team togeather, 5 s people you will be allright, good for windsor, i guess im the first one to comment, windsor has some hard working people, thanks…