This year, Chinese carmaker BYD Auto has an impressive array of cars for launch, including the L3, G3, M6 and S6.

The S6, as BYD’s first SUV model, will be unveiled at the upcoming 2010 Beijing auto show later this month, media reported.
Although it is similar to the Lexus RV, the self-developed BYD S6 boasts its own design style which really suits the front end of the SUV, and the interior also appears to be quite handsome, said China Car Times. It will have a full electronic sunroof and sliding luggage rack which is practical.
Engine power is likely to be derived from the same source as the BYD M6, a Mitsubishi-supplied 4G69 2.4L SUV. And a 2.0L model will be offered, which is BYD’s own self developed engine that produces 103kw of power (140bhp) at 6000rpm, and 186Nm at 4,000-4,500rpm.

The BYD S6 measures 4,740mm x 1,845mm x 1,635mm, with a 2,715mm wheelbase and will rival China’s other home-grown SUVs models such as the Haima S3 and the recently launched Chery Rely X5. Some reports said the S6 looks like a rip-off of the Lexus RV.
As the first SUV model of China’s legendary electric car maker, BYD S6 will be unveiled and launched at the upcoming 2010 Beijing auto show later this month. Its retail price is estimated at 150,000 yuan ($22,000).


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