BYD to launch e6 police car in China soon image

After a successful attempt at the taxi market with the all-electric crossover car e6, BYD Auto now intends to tap China’s official car market by launching an e6 police car in due time, aiming to enhance its brand influence in the new-energy vehicle market in China, the company said lately.

Police officers usually have extremely high expectations of the car’s power system, security and reliability in that they often need to chase or intercept criminal suspects, so an above-average-car speed is sorely needed. Well, the BYD e6 electric car can accelerate from zero to 100 km/h in less than 10 seconds, with a maximum speed up of 140 km/h, which can meet the needs of police officers in the cars’ driving force well.

In view of the development of police cars in and outside China, apart from the car’s power system, fuel economy has now become a new trend. The BYD e6 consumes only 21.5 KWH of power per 100 km, merely equivalent to 1 / 3 to 1 / 4 price of the fuel vehicles. Thus, the e6 car would be the best choice for the police officers.

Moreover, China has recently approved 16 automakers in the country to receive the government’s clean-energy subsidy of 3,000 yuan ($441) for each green vehicle, and the energy-saving cars made by BYD Auto are considered eligible for the subsidy.

The Chinese government has launched a series of preferential new energy vehicle subsidy showing its strong determination to develop new energy vehicles in the country. As a domestic electric carmaker, BYD Auto will thereby seize the chance to contribute to it and let more consumers enjoy the glamour of the new energy vehicles, BYD said.

Source: Gasgoo