Bye, bye The Grand Tour Stig – sorry, “The American” image

The persona – arguably one of the worst bits of the Amazon show – isn’t making a return for the second installment, as per official word from the man who impersonated the obnoxious character.

The second season of The Grand Tour is eagerly expected by fans around the world as it has already set up the debut date – we’re all tuning in on Amazon Prime on December 8. We’re all pretty eager to see what the bunch has brought forward as novelty, and happy to report that one of the most fan-criticized aspects of the show is no more. That would be along The second season of The Grand Tour and the news their roaming tent studio is roaming no more, because it gets firmly planted in a house garden only 10 miles (16 kilometers) from Jeremy Clarkson’s house.

The interesting bit is the announcement made on Twitter by former NASCAR driver Mike Skinner, who said he’s leaving the show after just one season. “For your information, I won’t be joining the guys on The Grand Tour’s 2nd season. I wish them all the luck. My character wasn’t developed as I was told,” he revealed on his personal Twitter channel. His character of constantly raunchy racer was probably not the best idea from the producers – and Skinner is positive about it. “I agree with many of you that it sucked,” he added on Twitter. “If you’re gonna wear Evil Knievel’s firesuit, you need to be Evil Flipping Knievel! By the way… I enjoyed some of those cars I got to drive and I don’t really hate the Brits.”