C40 cities – London and Paris included – want real-world emissions testing standards image

And they decided to take matters into their own hands by announcing the bid to establish a new system of real world emissions standards that will help potential buyers better identify green cars.

Serious emission issues have been detected in cities all over the world, which is why some of them have tried to clean up downtowns via specific measures. The C40 group of mayors – which encompasses numerous well-known cities from around the world – is now going to tackle the specific problem of identifying a better method of measuring vehicle emissions. The main issue – various standards from around the world are not actually reflecting real-world performance and thus hide how dirty cars actually are. C40 Cities say the regular tests “only regulate some pollutants and only require vehicles to meet standards in laboratory conditions. Actual emissions on the road have been proven to be up to 15 times greater.”

The organization will thus move towards the creation of its own global ratings system “based on all of the air pollutants they release during real-world, on-road conditions,” and of course share the findings online. London and Paris have announced they will be the first to share the data, before the end of the year. “For too long, some vehicle manufacturers have been able to hide behind inconsistent regulation and consumer uncertainty about the damage their cars are causing. This announcement is a wake-up call to car companies that they need to act now,” commented Anne Hidalgo, the mayor of Paris and chair of C40 Cities.