Cadillac adds features to maintain luxury prices image

With Cadillac reporting an 18% decrease in its August sales and its redesigned CTS sedan going down 35% in monthly sales after a downfall of 29% in July, the automaker might have been “too ambitious” in raising its prices, according to chief marketing officer, Uwe Ellinghaus.

To remedy that, the division is taking into account the need to add additional features, such as heated seats to lower-level versions of the car to lure buyers next year and also make major changes to the brand’s marketing in the first quarter of 2015.

Elinghaus stated that “There is a tremendous growth in the luxury segment of the world car market and we are currently not capitalizing on this growth to the same degree that we hoped for. The price is definitely an argument.” when trying to break through to buyers who aren’t yet considering Cadillacs.

While no decisions have been made on what further additional options will be added to the CTS to broaden its appeal, Elinghaus said the luxury brand is considering letting customers order options like heated seats individually instead of only as part of a premium package. Cadillac is also planning to launch four new models the following year, including a redesigned SRX sport utility vehicle and a flagship sedan.

By Gabriela Florea