Cadillac ATS Shooting Brake rendered image

A first rendering showing the Cadillac ATS in a Shooting Brake body style has just hit the web and we have to admit that this would be one interesting ride to own.

The BMW 3-Series, Mercedes-Benz C-Class and Audi A4 fighter coming from the United States, the Cadillac ATS, has been introduced quite some time ago and it has been recently updated, but the imagination of rendering artists has went beyond that and we can now see how the model may look like in a new body style. The image posted above is a rendering signed by Theophilus Chin and it is showing the Cadillac ATS as a Shooting Brake.

Keep in mind that the North American based automotive giant General Motors has no plans of putting such a body style of the ATS into production any time soon, but this would definitely be positive publicity if a concept car similar to this one would be shown during an international automotive event. We can notice the less practical rear end of the car and the three-door layout of the ATS Shooting Brake in this rendering and the rest of the car remains unchanged to the one we already know.