Cadillac brand to relocate its headquarters to New York image

General Motors, the No. 1 US automaker, has announced its Cadillac luxury brand decided to open a new headquarters in New York in 2015 in a move to reshape the premium automaker’s image and increase its appeal outside the America home region.

According to Cadillac spokesman David Caldwell, the brand will move its offices – including display and event space – to the well-known Soho neighborhood of Manhattan. The headquarters is expected to open in the second quarter of next year. The relocation would also mark the brand’s separation as an independent business division from GM.

“With the relentless upward repositioning of successive new-generation Cadillac products, the next logical step is to provide Cadillac more freedom to cultivate the brand in pursuit of further global growth,” GM President Dan Ammann said in a statement.

Cadillac President Johan de Nysschen, added the move is intended to increase the “distance between Cadillac and the rest of the General Motors entity.”

de Nysschen also added that the new office should house around 120 people. The relocation would only affect the teams working in the sales and marketing departments, with product development, design, engineering and research and development employees remaining in their current locations, further commented Caldwell.

Via Reuters